Knowing yourself, your strengths, and your needs for development form the foundation of effective leadership.

How to use this Assessment Form

  1. Set some time aside when you will not be interrupted, so you can achieve good continuity of thought.
  2. Complete your answers to all the statements shown. You will thus get a sense of where you should be focusing your energy in order to improve your effectiveness as a manager and leader.
  3. After you complete the self-assessment, identify the skills and competencies that you think you do frequently or nearly always. Congratulations! You are already exercising leadership effectively in these areas.
  4. Review the skills and competencies that you think you almost never do or seldom do. These are the areas that you should consider developing in order to balance your leadership effectiveness.
  5. If you would like to learn how to be a more effective manager/leader, phone Customer Centric Solutions on 011-728 5143 or
    083 659 1031 to discuss the outcome of your assessment, with our compliments! Alternatively, complete this contact form and we’ll get back to you.
Know Yourself
Know the Organisation
Build Relationships
Create Vision
Manage the day-to-day team
Motivate team
Delegate responsibilities
Set goals with employees
Hold employees accountable
Develop others

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