Our aim is to help your organisation to achieve its commitment to delivering Excellence, by optimising the effectiveness of your people. This can be accomplished by enabling behavioural change in your staff to meet the desired results as determined by your organisation.

How do we assist you in achieving this end?

By providing dynamic, practical, consultancy-based training and development services. We partner with you, our client, to provide a meaningful contribution towards furthering skills development and employment wherever you are in South Africa.

We have been in business since 1998 as a registered company and proud to have achieved 100% BEE procurement recognition level 4. We have also been granted Full Accreditation with the Services SETA.

Our association with Gazing Performance Systems International (GPSI)

This beneficial partnership has been active since 2006. Through the Performance Under Pressure programme provided by GPSI, many of our clients have experienced a distinct improvement in the performance output of employees.

The GPSI methodology is based on cognitive behavioural principles, with the premise that ongoing superior performance is dependent not only on dealing with the immediate situation, but also staying aware and maintaining an overview - the bigger picture. The ability to shift perspectives allows for adaptation which is critical in today’s pressured environment.

Skills are a vital component of an individual’s ability to perform well and, by implication, the more skillful one is, the greater one’s chance of success, even when under extreme pressure.

Meet Beverley Wajsman – Managing Director and Founder

Beverley Wajsman has been in the training and performance development profession since 1989. She has a BA degree majoring in Psychology and Education, as well as a Personnel and Training Diploma.

Beverley’s strength is her ability to recognise how internal staff interactions in an organisation, as well as those externally with customers, are impacted by the calibre and capability of the people within an organisation. She has a thorough awareness of why people under-perform and, more importantly, what makes them achieve.

This passion is revealed in her efforts to offer effective and customised development solutions that can easily be adopted by people in their daily interactions with internal teams and clients.

Beverley has consulted widely in the areas of Leadership, Customer service, Sales and Contact Centre Excellence.

If you are interested in finding out what Bev’s clients have to say, read some testimonials here.

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