Change staff from these negative attitudes

  • Tells/instructs
  • Reactive
  • Out of control
  • Confused
  • Negative outlook
  • Submissive / insecure / timid
  • Aggressive
  • Blames
  • Assumes
  • Short-term vision
  • Task-orientated
  • Generalise

Enable this positive mindset

  • Asks/engages
  • Proactive
  • Under control
  • Understands
  • Positive outlook
  • Confident and empowered
  • Assertive
  • Takes ownership
  • Uses facts
  • Sustainable approach
  • Goal-orientated
  • Prioritise

Get the results you need with this 3-Step Best Practice Formula.
Together, we can create a new mindset for your employees based on our Best Practice, 3-Step formula, which achieves results across the organisation. Enable a productive and motivated workforce, whether this is at management or operational level.

Phase 1: Research and Alignment

This phase involves CCS understanding the specific business context in terms of:

  • Orientation to industry and environment in which your business operates.
  • Type of client base, business strengths & challenges, company culture.
  • Key factors affecting performance.
  • KPI’s/Metrics currently in place to monitor performance to achieve desired results.

Phase 2: Knowledge & Understanding Workshop

Based on the outcomes of the assessment in Phase 1, CCS’s proprietary tools and frameworks are adapted/customised to provide:

  • A highly practical and experiential skills development programme.
  • Process, skills and tools for the participants (including relevant Line Management).

Phases 3 & 4: Development and Entrenchment of new skills

  • Working with ‘real life’ case studies taken from the work environment, current skills are interrogated to clarify the development gap.
  • Thereafter, coaching develops new skills to transfer these from workshop to workplace.

Phase 5: Impact – Return on Investment (ROI)

Through increased learning and effective acquisition of core/improved skills, there will be a recognisable and measurable impact on key performance indicators of the business.

Customer Centric Solutions’ works closely with the management team to identify both the indicators of success and to track the progress being made, in order to provide a clear sense of ROI from the programme.

This ROI is also demonstrated in terms of observed behaviours, assessed skills developed and ultimately, the impact on specific, previously agreed business result indicators.

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