Auto X has been involved with Mrs Wajsman and Customer Centric Solutions since March 2015. The relationship began when we sought advice and guidance as to how to compile a programme for our various leadership levels within the organisation. Mrs Wajsman assisted us in identifying the organisational and leadership skills we considered necessary, as well as compiling the actual training programme for us. This took some time to finalise, yet Mrs Wajsman was always flexible and available to discuss and continuously make changes in order to customise the programme for us.

As we commenced with the first group of trainees in May 2015, the feedback from our employees was that Mrs Wajsman was an excellent facilitator. The tools and skills which our employees received have been exceptionally useful, with employees taking the learning to heart and displaying the tools in their workplaces.

We believe that the level of the training interventions and the continuous feedback from Mrs Wajsman with regard to our employees’ progress and participation have contributed immensely to a better working environment for all our employees. There have been changes in the culture of the business and in leadership skills.

Numerous employees have also been promoted at various levels in the Company after attending the programme and we believe this is the result of the programme content and employees gaining a deeper understanding of our business processes and their roles within the business.

I would recommend Customer Centric Solutions to any Company who wishes to improve their leadership skills across various levels, as the programmes provided can be adapted to suit the client.

Yours sincerely

Raleen Cunningham
Group Organisational Development Specialist
Auto X (Pty) Ltd

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